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The Characteristics of Bad Leadership

The Characteristics of Bad Leadership


When the Israelites asked for that they wanted a king to rule over them and turned down the theocratic reign of God, God gave them Saul son of Kish as their king. It was God’s conclusion to carry on to rule the Israelites through a human consultant. Afterwards, God turned down Saul as unfit to continue to rule the Israelites. Why was Saul’s leadership condemned?

Solomon was a single of the a lot of kings who ruled Israel following Saul. He had a very long and peaceful reign above Israel. His son Rehoboam succeeded him as king. But soon after his accession to the throne, the United Kingdom was divided into two and he shed the bigger portion of the kingdom. What produced the United Kingdom divide and disintegrate below king Rehoboam?

Soon after the Loss of life of Joshua and the elders who out-lived him, there was a excellent trouble of leadership in Israel. God lifted up judges from time to time to deliver his people from oppression and rule over them. Samson was a single of all those judges that God lifted. The Israelites, whom Samson was raised to provide on various events experimented with to hand him more than to their oppressors. Samson afterwards became a prisoner of the philistines right until his loss of life. What happened to this good male that God elevated as a produce?

For a female to rule a nation like Israel, she must certainly have some great qualities. Thus one are unable to be wrong in stating Athaliah the mother of Ahaziah, who also ruled Israel, experienced terrific attributes. Nonetheless, in the seventh calendar year of her reign the folks conspired from her and place her to death by the sword. What was wrong with her leadership that brought on her topic to have acted in this way?

The four leaders mentioned failed in their leadership roles. For this motive their leadership has been characterized as negative. Even so, is it for the reason that a person fails in leadership that one’s management is lousy? Failure is an sign that there are particular traits of one’s management that are not great. These Properties, which bring about leaders to fail, would now be recognized in the leadership of the 4 leaders. This will be finished below the pursuing headings: (a) A reflection on the management of five leaders in Bible occasions ( b) Essential characteristics of their leadership (c) An evaluation of their leadership.

A reflection on the leadership of five leaders in Bible times

This segment is a reflection on the management of five leaders whose management has been characterized as negative. As mentioned in the introduction every of these leaders have expert failures in their leadership. But, is it since of a failure that one’s management ought to be characterized as negative? This reflection is the 1st action in answering the issue posed over. The leadership of Saul, Rehoboam, Samson and Athaliah will be briefly mentioned focusing on their preparedness or physical fitness to lead and on their unique spots of failure.


Saul was the initially king of Israel. Saul is picked out by divine guidance. He is a male of humility, consecrated by holy oil and filled with the spiurit.1 It cannot be denied that Saul was prepared for management by the assurance of divine aid and the distinctive dualities that God gave him as a man or woman. As Joyce Peel rightly pointed out, at the really beginning of his reign Saul proved his ability to guide as he rescued the town of Jabesh from the management of Nahash the Ammonite. The victory over the Ammonites gave Saul acceptance among all the folks.

Without disagreeing with Joyce Peel that Saul experienced good characteristics for leadership and was geared up for management by the assurance of divine help, Ted Engstrom stated that Saul lacked most of the good qualities 1 expects in leadership.2 To substantiate his issue, he produced reference to an account in 2nd Samuel Chapter five. This account was in reference to a request the people of the northern tribes of Israel manufactured to David, inquiring him to also be their King. In their enchantment to David, Engstrom observed that they stated David was the real power in Saul’s govt and Saul was only a figurehead. It was David who led Israel out to struggle and won victories for the country. In addition, Engstrom pointed out that the nation that Saul left powering was torn by civil wars.3

In may well be legitimate that Saul lacked most of the great attributes just one expects in management, but the qualities that he had have been very good plenty of for him to be successful. Identifying the locations of Saul’s failures can establish the point that he experienced what would have created him realize success. According to William J Dumbrell, there had been a few main areas of failures in Saul’s management. The initially was when Saul defies Samuel’s orders to wait in Mizpah till he arrives to give sacrifice right before the troopers go to fight. Saul went alongside and supplied the sacrifice while he was not a Levite. The next was, as Dumbrell places it, his foodstuff taboo and his proposed dying of Jonathan. Jonathan had eaten some wild honey not being aware of that Saul had pronounced a self-established religious rapidly, enforced with a curse, right until the pursuit of their enemies was around. In addition, Saul’s victorious military was so hungry when they returned that they slaughtered and ate the animals without cooking the fulfill. In this problem Saul unquestionably dropped handle of his followers. The third failure was when he failed to carry out God’s instructions regarding the Amalekites. He was meant to demolish them and their animals absolutely, but he spared the king and the best of the animals.4

Saul’s failure ought to nonetheless be found in its broader context. The concern was that he refuses to accept God’s authority recognized via the prophet Samuel. Samuel was to supply divine steerage to Saul for him to succeed.


Rehoboam was the son of king Solomon. One particular can suppose that as one of the king’s sons he would have been extremely considerably intrigued in the kingship. As the king’s son he would also have been groomed for leadership, primarily when just one viewed as the actuality that below typical circumstances just one of the king’s sons experienced to succeed him. He thus had potentials that qualify him to direct. However, according to some authors, Rehoboam was not adequately prepared for management. William J Dumbrell observed, that Jeroboam, the a single time forced labor supervisor in the north, capitalizes on the ineptness of Solomon’s son Rehoboam and prospects the northern ten tribes into succession as the kingdom of Israel.5 Dumbrell’s argument was that if Rehoboam experienced been sufficiently prepared for leadership he would not have acted the way he did on that distinct occasion. Just one can gain additional insight from the observation of Joyce Peel that Rehoboam was not adequately ready for management. She affirms that Rehoboam, like Absalom, is arrogant. Brought up in Solomon’s palace, he sees royalty in conditions of privilege and absolute energy. He ignores the recommend of older counselors, and inspired by his arrogant adult men he returned a harsh answer.6 It can be observed from what Joyce peel claimed, that the dilemma of Rehoboam’s unpreparedness for leadership was essentially his. It was a make any difference of his character or perform. Every single particular person should be individually accountable for his or her character and perform. King Rehoboam failed in maintaining the United Kingdom left by his father. The incident currently cited resulted in the division of the kingdom. Even though the division of the kingdom had now been prophesied, Rehoboam’s motion should really not be forgotten. His failure, a single will have to notice, resulted not only in a political division of the nation, but also in the apostasy of the northern tribes.


Samson was 1 of the judges raised to rule Israel right before the start out of the monarchy. In accordance to Judges 13:15-23, he was the promised son of a barren girl. Even ahead of he was born, God began to make preparations for him as a selected chief. Samson grew up to be a Nazarite, sworn hardly ever to consume or cut his hair. The magic formula of his phenomenal power lay in maintaining this vow. It ought to be noticed that Samson’s preparing as a spiritual chief was of severe worth to God. One must just take into thought that it was mainly because of the apostasy of the country that they were suffering from suppression by their enemies. The enemies through Samson’s time had been the philistines, who have been controlling most of the land and they experienced distinctive possession of iron weapons. Perhaps for that reason God elevated Samson to be exceptionally potent to confront them even without having a weapon.

When Samson assumed his leadership position, Joyce Peel described the form of person he turned out to be: “But Samson was lustful, self-willed and irresponsible.” Peel built references to the two philistine women of all ages he married, who infatuated and deceived him. The initially one particular who acquired the solution of his riddle from him and the next, Delilah, who obtained the magic formula of his toughness.

The folks whom Samson was supposed to direct thought of him a failure. On some events they experimented with to hand him about to their enemies for the reason that they observed him as the cause for better suppression. Arthur E. Cundell explained the humiliation of this fantastic judge in the arms of his enemies in these words: “The weakened Samson was now effortlessly captured by the philistines. His eyes have been gouged out and he was introduced down to Gaza, the scene of a person of his before feasts of power (16:1-3) and set to perform at the monotonous endeavor of grinding out corn.”8 Samson’s daily life, which promised so significantly, using into consideration the specific capabilities God gave him, was blighted and ultimately ruined by his sensual passions and absence of legitimate separation to the Lord.


The very last of the 4 leaders to be mentioned is Attaliah, the mother of Azariah. As now been pointed out, she ruled Israel for 6 years. Eugene M. Merrill explained how she arrived to leadership in the pursuing estimate: “The vacant throne of Judah was still left by default to Attaliah, Azariah’s wicked Israelite mom.”9 The Biblical history in 2Chronicles 22 shows that she places to loss of life all those people she can uncover who experienced ideal to the throne. Thus describing her as a wicked girl can be justified. Nonetheless, to be equipped to achieve such a aim she must have experienced fantastic aid. The actuality that this woman was able to sit on the throne for 6 decades, show that she had management talents. This is even so not to justify the way she used her abilities.

On the seventh calendar year of her reign, the biblical data demonstrate that she was overthrown and killed by the incredibly folks she was ruling. In just retribution for her blasphemies and murders, she was maneuvered absent from God’s household which her sons experienced ransacked (2Chronicles 24:7) and was slain around the palace.10 This exhibits that the folks she was ruling never ever recognized her leadership. She had managed to use force and her position as queen mom to remain in power.

Simple qualities of the leaders and their leaderships

Possessing briefly mirrored on the four leaders and their management, it will now be acceptable to go over the fundamental features of their leadership. This will be performed less than 3 sub-headings:
a) The chief as a individual
b) His or her leadership
c) The followers.

This is mainly because management will involve a romantic relationship concerning these a few features.

a. The Leaders

According to Bob Gordon and David Fardouly, several persons fail in leadership for the reason that they did not obtain a divine connect with to leadership. A simply call from God comes with an internal recognition that the individual will be outfitted for the task. They mentioned without God, no one would be sufficiently geared up to execute any process in God’s kingdom. The unique will only be working in his or her have energy.11 It is truly worth noting that two of the leaders getting discussed been given divine get in touch with, but they also unsuccessful. Was it for the reason that they operated in their individual toughness? Gordon and Fardouly’s stage is that one of the explanations why leaders fail is mainly because they operate in their very own power, which in some instances, may well be an indicator that they have not been called. In other situations, they might have been called but have turned away from God’s authority and guidance. Consequently, from what Gordon and Fardouly have mentioned, a single of the characteristics of negative management is noticed in the carry out or character of the leaders who do not recognize their inadequacy and check out to do anything by their have toughness.

b. Their management

In discussing the management of the four leaders, two primary matters have been provided most important value. These are their vision and leadership designs. As John Haggai rightly observed, “a vision has a direct bearing on his leadership model.12 As a setting up stage, a single could question, what were being the4 visions of these leaders? What was Saul’s vision for Israel? Or did Saul actually have a eyesight for Israel? A near evaluation of the observation of John Maxwell will assistance one particular identify whether Saul really have a vision. Maxwell observed that right after he tasted good results in fight, he mistook his place as king for serious management. However he had the title, ability and crown of a king, he by no means moved the monarchy further than a chairman-based mostly judgeship. He was manufactured a typical but he never attracted a significant standing army. He produced no arranged government to protect his gains. And when God no lengthier favoured him he nevertheless the title of king entitled him to proceed top.13 From these observations just one could rightly say that Saul experienced no eyesight that he pursued on behalf of Israel. As a end result, his style of leadership was mostly found in his reaction to Israel’s enemies. In the course of all those situations he demonstrated additional of o dictatorial or authoritative variety of leadership.

King Rehoboam on the other hand viewed as to have reached his target when he sat on the throne. 1 can deduce from his reply to the Israelites who appealed to him to lower the burden of king Solomon positioned on them, that he experienced no proper vision for the men and women. It was crystal clear from his reply that his vision was for the folks to provide him and make him comfy. Also, the caliber of the counselors he selected supported the fact that he had no vision for Israel. His eyesight could have been to sit on the throne right until he retires or dies. As a consequence of his absence of eyesight, his type of management was more of an authoritarian or dictatorial a single.

Samson was no various from Rehoboam. In accordance to Joyce Peel, Samson was lustful, self-willed and irresponsible.14 Samson was by no means viewed in any constructive leadership function in Israel. His attacks on Israel’s enemies were being purely primarily based on personalized revenge. He was however intended to subdue the nation’s enemies because of their suppression of the country. The lifetime he lived confirmed that he had no very clear eyesight for the nation. So his type of leadership was additional of an authoritarian or dictatorial a person.

Like the other individuals, queen Athaliah did not have a eyesight for Israel. She came to electricity in a palace coup and her only aim was to keep in ability. The only way she was ready to do that was by training a dictatorial design of leadership. Leaders like Athaliah need total obedience from their topics.

c. Their followers

Some of the Features of lousy management can be recognized with the followers. 1 need to take into thing to consider Anthony D’souza’s assertion that leadership entails an inter-partnership among a few components:

a) The excellent expertise and requirements of the leader
b) The desires and anticipations of the group
c) The needs or needs of the scenario.15

On quite a few event Saul’s guys abandoned him in fight. On other events he forced them to do what he required. For instance, when he declared a rapid until finally Israel accomplished the pursuit of their enemies. This brought about the soldiers to sin in the end, by feeding on meat with blood or in other words and phrases, meat that was eaten raw and not cooked.

In the case of Rehoboam, the larger quantity of Israelites rejected his leadership and revolted from him. Samson’s circumstance was even worse. His followers had been inclined to hand him over to their enemies. They saw him as the trigger of their complications. Athaliah’s followers revolted versus her and killed her. None of these leaders selected their successor. In point with the exception of Rehoboam they all died ugly deaths. Rehoboam escaped these types of demise, by shopping for peace from Shishak who was setting up to invade Jerusalem. Rehoboam purchased peace by offering him the treasures in the temple in Jerusalem.


In the introduction the adhering to question was posed: ‘Is it simply because somebody unsuccessful that his/her leadership ought to be characterized as bad?’ In attempting to response this question, which types the thesis of this chapter, the management of 4 leaders in the Bible has been examined. These leaders – Saul, Rehoboam, Samson and Athaliah, were picked due to the fact their leadership had been characterized as undesirable. The aim of the analysis was to id the most important characteristics of their leadership in buy to determine what was common to all and then review these qualities with individuals of superior leadership.

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