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Commercial Law – Corporate Law – Joint Venture – Contractual Construction of Clause in Joint Venture

The case of Nearfield Ltd v Lincoln Nominees Ltd and One more [2006], dealt with the situation of the construction of a contractual phrase in an settlement. The very first defendant was a nominee corporation of the second defendant. The first defendant was integrated in the British Virgin Islands.

In April 2002, the claimant corporation entered into a joint undertaking arrangement (“the JVA”) for the redevelopment of a sure residence. Under clause 4.1 of the JVA, the claimant was less than an obligation to progress a financial loan of £3,000,000 to the initially defendant. According to clause 5.1.3, the duration of the financial loan would be for 3 yrs from the date of the mortgage. After 3 many years, the next defendant would ‘procure’ the payment of the financial loan with each other with all remarkable desire on written desire by the claimant.

The redevelopment of the home was not thriving and so the residence was subsequently marketed. Though some payment was built to the claimant, the shortfall was £2,251,406.23 plus curiosity of £1,030,947.35. The claimant sought to implement clause 5.1.3 of the JVA.

The claimant submitted that ‘procure’ in clause 5.1.3 set an obligation on the second defendant to be certain the 1st defendant repaid the sum of £ 3,000,000 collectively with exceptional passions on prepared need by the claimant. They argued that in the event of a failure by the very first defendant to make the payment, it was liable to fork out damages equivalent to the amount payable but not repaid by the 1st defendant.

The 2nd defendant contended that the extent of its obligation below clause 5.1.3 was basically to request to convey about the reimbursement of the loan by the to start with defendant and did not prolong more so as to give any assurance or guarantee that the mortgage would be repaid in entire by the initial defendant.

The declare was authorized.

The this means which a document would express to a acceptable guy was not the exact thing as the that means of its true text. The court docket held that the that means of words and phrases was a issue of dictionaries and grammars, even though the that means of the document in issue was what the get-togethers using individuals phrases in conjunction with the suitable history would reasonably have been understood to necessarily mean.

The typical meaning of the term procure was to ‘see to it’. Therefore a person agreeing to procure that a 3rd bash performed a contractual obligation experienced to carry out the subsequent:

– They would be expected to attempt to make guaranteed that the 3rd party complied with the obligation and

– In the celebration that the third occasion unsuccessful to comply, they would have to spend damages calculated by the total that should to have been compensated by the 3rd bash.

There was almost nothing in the correspondence amongst the events in this scenario which advised that ‘procure’ less than clause 5.1.3 ought to be specified a diverse this means in distinct parts of the JVA, nor could it be advised that ‘procure’ meant just about anything other than as the claimant set it: specifically that it intended ‘see to it’.

In addition, there was no limitation expressed in the JVA and it could very easily have been completed. Thus, it was held that clause 5.1.3 ought to be construed as the claimant experienced submitted. In any party, there was no document or any evidence from the drafts foremost up to the JVA which could have led to a unique conclusion.

The court determined that the second defendant was liable to ‘procure’ that the very first defendant repaid the financial loan to the claimant.

Comment: Parties ought to often limit the extent of their liabilities when coming into joint ventures.

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